5 – How it works
How it works

GPS to locate, mobile networks to send data, datacenter to store data and your PC or smartphone as the front end interface.

How it works

The system incorporates a combination of network hardware and software to deliver relevant tracking and operational status.

Each fleet vehicle is equipped with an onboard GPS tracking device that communicates across a mobile telephone network, providing details on location, direction of travel, and speed. Other vehicle specific information, such as ignition status (on or off) and other fleet manager-defined inputs, is also collected and transmitted once every minute to the TekCare Systems Data Center.


The asset managers can access this information from a computer workstation via a simple and intuitive, web-based software application. This portal provides a convenient way to monitor the precise location of the fleet on a graphical map and analyze speed, stop times, and other activities, as needed. Through advanced reporting the manager can receive and analyze specific aspects of the reported data. The parameters of the alarms available through the tracking interface can also be defined to alert at specific thresholds, such as speeding, geofence entry and exits, off-hour equipment use and more.


Save $$$

Save fuel, slash overtime and reduce maintenance costs with TekCare Intelligent Systems.


Many insurance companies will discount your insurance premiums as a result of installing a TekCare tracking solution.


Tekcare system’s give you the tools you need to precisely measure and use your assets in an efficient way thus increasing productivity.


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