Bus Company Module

Bus Company Module
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Bus Company Module


This module meets the special requirements of bus companies. In addition to the normal tracking features the buses are fitted with step sensors and door open sensors allowing the company to follow the entry of passengers on the bus. This gives control of the revenue inflow expected from each route and allows optimisation of routes and times based on actual passenger data.


  • Daily and interval reports on passenger numbers on each vehicle;
  • Live tracking of passenger numbers on buses as they travel their routes;
  • Algorithms that take account of double stepping by single passengers;
  • Algorithm that prevents counting when bus is stopped at rest stops with doors opened;
  • Complete fuel usage control with reports on filling, drainage and fuel economy;
  • Controls route and time deviations with route templates and driver/conductor ID logging;
  • Monitor egine RPM, coolant temperature, luggage compartment and much more;
  • Option for 8 SIM card holder for easy cross border tracking with no requirement for roaming;

Sample Passenger Report (MS-EXCEL) <–click to download

Bus steps sensorBus Steps Sensor 2

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