Technology. Experience. Service.

TekCare is in the business of helping companies track,monitor and control all their assets.

From lorries and buses to fuel and water tanks, generators and pumping stations, TekCare installs sensors and provides the tools and infrastructure to give senior management the peace of mind that their business is being run efficiently while minimizing internal costs.

● Optimise application of resources

● Eliminate theft and waste of fuel and parts

● Prevent improper and negligent use of your property

● Execute scheduled maintenance on time.


We care about the products we build

All our products are the best available quality worldwide. The companies we work with demand the best, so we give it to them.

Passionate about improvement

Our team members have many years of success in world class companies – to continue to be successful we need to get better every single day.

Three maxims that we follow:

  1. Best quality equipment
  2. Reliable service
  3. Innovative ideas