Cell Site Fuel Management

Cell Site Fuel Management
Fuel Management 1 Fuel Mngmnt cell-station-Fuel-report-v2 Cell Site Fuel Level Report


Cell Site Fuel Management


A low cost solution to monitoring generator fuel levels at e.g. telecoms cell sites, quarries and mine sites. The Data Unit can be set up to monitor generator running time and can easily calculate fuel usage per hour.

Delivery tankers can be fitted with fuel sensors in their bulk tanks. The software provides simple joint reports allowing easy side-by-side auditing of fuel deliveries to the cell sites, all on the same platform.


  • Eliminate fuel theft from unattended generator fuel tanks;
  • Optimise supply logistics and eliminate wasted trips to sites with a sufficient supply of fuel;
  • Generate supply reports directly comparing side-by-side tanker deliveries to generator tank receipts;
  • Receive alarms from sites with fuel shortage;
  • Generate reports on generator running hours, phase voltages, site access and more;
  • Add on engine sensors and receiving alarms when the generator is running out of limits;
  • Receive alarms on failed switchover when mains current returns;
  • Add fuel flow sensors and get actual figures at the generator to monitor fuel diversions from remote tanks;
  • prepare for monitoring of PV and wind power generation;


Sample Fuel Report (MS-EXCEL) <–Click to download


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