3 – Sense & Respond
Our Philosophy

Best-in-class sensor technology + intelligent software to alert you when needed = fast ROI

Sense & Respond

Our high quality sensors allow you to monitor:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Door opening
  • Passenger numbers
  • Cargo temperature
  • Water temperature
  • Water in the diesel
  • Send alarms when a sensor is out of limit

Whatever your business needs to track, our team of experts is ready to build a solution to streamline your business.

Respond instantly…

Your sensors send all measurements to our web hosted data center which will then send you an alert when a problem occurs. Typical problems may be a speeding vehicle, a vehicle carrying excessive load or a vehicle moving to a location outside a specific geographic area (geo-fence). Our software will then be able to send you an email or SMS depending on your own personal preference so you can take corrective action before disaster strikes.

Intelligent Tracking Software …wherever you are.

Ideal for the Ghanaian market, our tracking solution provides every vehicle in your fleet with highly advanced in-vehicle hardware, a reliable connection to our premier wireless network and easy-to-use tracking and monitoring software. So fleet managers can manage and control their fleet remotely from their online computer or laptop.


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Helping you be the best

TekCare Systems are specifically designed to improve your bottom line. We do so by increasing fleet productivity, revenue generating capabilities, and operator safety while helping decrease the average time spent per job. They also help in expediting loss prevention and recovery and reducing fuel consumption, human-error and insurance costs.

Don’t delay, call today!

Our sales team is ready to fully brief you on how to get started with TekCare’s tracking systems, simply fill in this form, call us on +233 302 773 763, or email us at info@tekcaresystems.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours to begin to understand your unique requirements.