Safemine Collision Avoidance System

Safemine Collision Avoidance System
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Safemine CustomersSafety First – Always!

In modern mine operations there is  zero tolerance towards accidents, and Safemine is a vital part of this policy. Safemine is much more than a Proximity Warning System (PWS). A PWS is prone to false alarms as it only sees proximity, and does not assess the probability of a collision. This results in driver distraction and indifference.

Accident Prevention

Safemine uses high end algorithms to predict and prevent accidents, based on the movement of all vehicles. Safemine monitors safe driving habits, vehicle tilt and much more.

Track Stationary Objects

Internal maps hold information about the position of known stationary obstacles and generates alarms when these positions are approached. These maps may be updated over-the-air.

Black Box Feature

In case of accidents, Safemine’s Black Box capability enables movement logs to be downloaded, displayed in Google Earth, and analysed by Safemine engineers, should the worst happen.

Instant data transmission

Safemine is much more than a GPS tracking system. Tracking solutions are of no use in accident prevention. Transmission delays and GSM network unreliability makes such systems useless in a safety first environment. Safemine uses GPS for positioning, but broadcasts communications between vehicles wirelessly. Zero transmission lag, instant updates at literally light speed.

Safemine: The most advanced Collision Avoidance System in the world.


Specification and capabilities

  • Smart algorithms give collision trajectory alarms, no distractions from false proximity alarms;
  • RF communication, no GSM or data server delays;
  • 500m/360┬░ range, with no line of sight requirement;
  • GPS aware, obstacle maps downloaded directly into unit;
  • Black box capability, with history downloadable into Google Earth;
  • Expandable to a full featured Vehicle Tracking Solution for off site vehicles;
  • Alarms also for over speeding, vehicle tilt, fluid spillage, geofencing, and much more;
  • Voice alarm feature, OTA firmware updates,
  • Coming soon: Radar for nearby soft objects with LCD screen for visual confirmation;

This is the complete CAS for every surface mining operation.



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